Two Year Update

This is an update of some of my video work for the past three years.

 I had such a great time participating in the City of San Antonio’s Neighborhood Film Project in 2012, that I entered in 2013 and 2014.

In 2013 BrandSpanglish’s animated short West of Downtown won best in category and best in show. Every component of this animation was made from photos taken on the west side, which was the neighborhood I was assigned. I wound up having some sort of appreciation for the mural of that part of town when I began to see them within its tradition of large scale hand-painted signage. I hoped to place them within that context in this piece.

In 2014 BrandSpanglish won for Easter in the Park with Ernie. In San Antonio, there is the tradition of camping out for a spot in the park for an Easter barbeque.

In late 2014 I submitted a video for a show of Spurs fans doing work about the Spurs.


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